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'OTEC' 200 Swing-Arm Only (1200)

'OTEC' 200 Swing-Arm Only (1200)


Part Number: 120

' OTEC' C.N.C Machined Aluminium Swing - Arm, (takes up to 200 width tyre) locates with all original equipment (apart from if using original silencers would need collector box area modifying). All OTEC swingarms are made from a single chunk of billet aluminum, and to make it easy to remove the rear wheel they have designed it so the right side of the arm slides out for maintenance. They also have made a plate on the bottom of the left side that is removable, so you can get to the drive shaft, (all and any necessary parts supplied).

Available in:
A) Aluminium: £1,375.00 ($1,718.75) -- £1,650.00 Including VAT at 20%
B) High Temperature Black Painted: £1,600.00 ($2,000.00) -- £1,920.00 Including VAT at 20%

Special Order Item


A) Aluminium 1,375.00 Exc. VAT & Handling Fee
B) High Temperature Black Painted 1,600.00 Exc. VAT & Handling Fee

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