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Round Slip-on Silencers (specials) (pair) (1200)

Round Slip-on Silencers (specials) (pair) (1200)


Part Number: 80R


A) 200mm Stainless Steel: £307.00 ($399.10) -- £368.40 Including VAT at 20%
B) 200mm Carbon Fibre: £375.00 ($487.50) -- £450.00 Including VAT at 20%
Note: This exhaust kit is not road legal in UK.

This set includes - Silencers with removable baffles, 2-1 link pipes, clamps, and straps.
No modifications required. (Re-mapping, Power commander, however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle.)
Allows you to keep your centre stand in place.
304 Grade Polished Stainless Steel.
3K Weave Carbon Fibre/pre-formed carbon fibre

They are lighter, higher performance, and more durable exhausts than factory standard systems. They are easier to clean and add a great look to your bike. Can be used with original front dowpipes or either one of our #35 / #35A aftermarket downpipes.

Special order items only.


A) 200mm Stainless Steel
B) 200mm Carbon Fibre

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